Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spend $20 at Eyes Lips Face and get a $25 gift certificate. AND a free magazine subscription.

Here's another of e.l.f.'s crazy-good deals. You remember e.l.f., don't you? The place with the $1 cosmetics? See, I told you it was crazy-good (there's a link to their site on the left side of this page). They also have a mineral makeup line and a "studio" line (think Smashbox) that run a few dollars more, but still a bargain at $3-$5 for most items.

So, this is the newest deal: spend a minimum of $20, and they'll send you a $25 gift certificate with your order. If you go to's website and type in your zip code, it'll give you an exhaustive list of all the restaurants in your area that accept the gift certificates--there are almost too many to count in my neighborhood.

And in addition, you still get their usual bonus with a $20 minimum purchase--a free magazine subscription. Today's selection is Health magazine, but they rotate different magazines for that freebie every couple of days (so it may be something completely different tomorrow).

I raved about my new favorite nail polish color from e.l.f. in a post a few weeks ago, and it still happily adorns my toes. They've just added several new colors to their lineup, so take a look at what's there--it's now sandal season, so don't neglect those toesies (or the rest of your feet now on display for all the world to see--exfoliate & moisturize, ladies!).

Paint up those toes for a night on the town, and head for your favorite dining establishment with a $25 gift certificate in your pocket. e.l.f.'s got you covered.

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