Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quality cosmetics, $1 each. Seriously? Seriously.

Go, now, do not pause, do not slow down, just go (and you can thank me later). e.l.f. cosmetics (that's eyes, lips, face) is my new favorite shop. I'd seen mentions of them for awhile in magazines here and there, but for some unknown reason--temporary insanity, perhaps?--I'd never surfed over to the website. Silly me. Silly, over-paying, missing-out-on-the-fun me.

I went on a completely unrestrained shopping spree, and ran the full gamut from makeup to makeup brushes, to nail polish and tools, to body products. We're talking "I'll take one of EVERYTHING!" kind of shopping spree. I spent $36, including shipping. Is it fun? Yes, it's fun. But I'm also really impressed with the quality. There are two items I wouldn't buy again--the nail file set and the nail block, whose quality was just so-so--but everything else is in heavy rotation in my makeup lineup right now, and I'm uniformly pleased.

They have higher-end lines aside from the $1 items, specifically their mineral makeup line and their studio line (think: like Smashbox or MAC), whose items fall into the ridiculously reasonable $3-$5 range. I ordered the mineral blush and a couple of mineral eye shadows, and all compare quite nicely with the significantly more expensive boutique and department store brands I've tried. I'll be back for more products from this line.

They have all the cosmetics and tools your heart could ever desire, as well as lines of nail products and bath and body products. Their polish in blush (see pic) may well be my go-to color for summer; it's a slightly pinkish gold pearl, a gorgeous color--and is not chipping off or wearing away after a week of wear.

The other product I'm over the moon about is their Shimmering Facial Whip luminizer. Yep, it's just $1, and it works as well for me as my old standby, Benefit's $24 High Beam luminizer. I think the math speaks for itself, no?

Their shower gel (the only bath product of theirs I ordered) is a generous 14.2 oz., and scented nicely. I tried the peony petal and vanilla coconut scents--yum. It's a bargain at $4. They also offer nicely packaged gift sets of their bath products at equally bargain prices, so it's a nice option for an inexpensive gift.

They offer great discounts on their home page--the current offer is 50 percent off their mineral line with a minimum e.l.f. purchase of $25 (coupon code is EGMINA), and you're offered free magazine subscriptions--good magazines, too, such as Lucky and Teen Vogue--with every order (minimum $15 order). If you sign up for their email and newsletter mailing list, you'll also find offers in your inbox at least once a week. You can earn credits toward future cash-off discounts by referring friends, so there's another benefit for you. e.l.f. pushes every one of my bargain-hunter buttons (and in the best possible way), so it gets my highest recommendation.

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