Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My fashion find of the week: an extremely versatile blouse.

This blouse is so great, it could almost count as one of your basic wardrobe essentials. It's from Newport News, and a bargain at $29. Coupon codes can be found here, among other places, to get you an even better deal on it. I saved over $17 (I ordered this blouse, and a 3-pack of jewel-tone split-neck tees on sale for $18). It took multiple attempts using coupon codes I searched for online, but I ended up getting free shipping and 15 percent off--you can combine coupons at Newport News--for a total of $41 and change. Always, always look for coupon codes when you shop online!

It'll pair beautifully with skirts and pants, and even with jeans. Tuck it in, leave it untucked, or belt it. Go bare and show off your shoulders and arms, or wear a cardigan or blazer over it. There are dozens of combinations you can use with this blouse, and the simple black and white print is easy to match. They offer a coordinating belt for $24, but you can probably pick up a wide black (or white) belt at Target or Forever 21 for less than that, assuming you don't already own one.

I just ordered mine, and thought I'd give everyone else a heads-up. It's a great buy.

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