Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day--shop green!

While I always shop with my budget in mind, I also try extra-hard to be a green consumer as much as possible. Fortunately, as more and more green options become available, the prices get better and better.

So in honor of Earth Day, I want to remind you all that in addition to looking great and living well, we should also do our best to live green. A recent discovery of mine makes this easier than ever: Priscilla Woolworth's Eco-Friendly General Store. Think of them as a green version of Restoration Hardware--they carry eco-garden products, eco-home products, green pet stuff, eco-friendly personal care products, books, gifts, and on and on.

Many of my other favorite stores are doing their part for Earth Day, too. At the Body Shop, you'll get the organic cotton canvas bag pictured here, free with any $30 purchase. The Body Shop is already high on my list of great green retailers, because their packaging is made from recycled materials, and their products are all from sustainable sources. They're also cruelty-free (no animal testing).

Cost Plus World Market is offering a free canvas tote with a $10 purchase, and they, too, carry a good assortment of organic, free-trade and eco-friendly products. Budget grocery chain Fresh & Easy--a favorite of mine, and within walking distance of Budget Girl's domicile!--is also offering a free canvas tote with a minimum $10 purchase. With all these canvas bags being given away, I hope we're all making the effort to keep a few in our cars or folded and tucked into our handbags so that we can finally kick the disposable bag habit.

And to move beyond shopping green to truly living green (on a budget!), be sure to visit my dear friends' site, Green Grrl's Excellent Eco-Adventure. And note that they're permanently listed in my favorite links along the left side of this page, so they're always just a click away. They're completely committed to turning the not-so-green house they recently purchased into a truly green home. They're documenting their progress blog-style and letting us share in the fun.

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