Monday, April 13, 2009

Tired of mismatched dishes and drinkware?

It's not often you get a chance to replace everything in your cabinet at once--most of us just don't have the budget for it. But here's your chance, if you live near an IKEA store. It probably doesn't surprise any of you that Budget Girl is a huge IKEA fan, but this is an unusually good deal, even by IKEA standards.

For one day only--Sunday, April 19th--you can pick up their Startbox Plus for more than 50 percent off its usual low price. For $39.99, you'll get a service for six of dishes, silverware and glassware (including wineglasses!). It's in a clean, basic white, which makes it perfect for any occasion, and any decor.

If that bargain isn't one you need at the moment, you can still stop by and check out their new summer inventory. Most people think of IKEA as a place for inexpensive assemble-it-yourself furniture, but they have a great selection of colorful, seasonal items for summertime entertaining and decorating, and at the expected IKEA prices (think Pier I for those of us on a budget). I like the set of two etched glass hanging tealight holders, $4.99 for a set of 2, and the colorful sandwich trays, $1.49 each, which are reusable and great for outdoor entertaining. Take that, Martha Stewart!

And if you get there in the morning, you can enjoy breakfast on IKEA Friday through Sunday. It's their 99-cent breakfast--a generous helping of potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs--and coffee, gratis for this weekend only. The restaurant usually opens before the main store does, so check your local hours to find out when breakfast is served near you.


  1. I love their sales (and their free breakfasts). I do not need new dishes, but I want the large oval Senior enameled cast-iron dutch oven for $50(take that Le Crueset - the same size dutch oven is well over $200!)

  2. I may have to head there this weekend. I really want to get one of their butcher block cutting boards. We have these tiny flimsy plastic things, and I hate them.

  3. Green Grrl2 gives two thumbs up! She adores IKEA... and also adores their breakfasts and their yummy meatballs with cream sauce and lingonberry sauce.

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