Friday, April 3, 2009

Great product for do-it-yourself brow waxing

Since most of us seem to be cutting back on non-essentials lately, salon services are probably some of the first things to go. You may not have $25 once a month to get your brows waxed, but that doesn't mean you have to leave them ungroomed, nor does it mean you have to become re-acquainted with a tweezer (ow!).

One of my favorite products--the Nads for facial hair--recently got a makeover, and the applicator is now about as idiot-proof as you'll find. Instead of a gloppy, sticker applicator, the Nads facial wand now has a dial-up base (much like you'd have for a lipstick) that dispenses the gel a drop at a time. Brilliant!

If you haven't used this before, the facial wand is a great place to start, and the pen-like tip of the applicator makes it easy to apply with precision to the brow (or upper lip) area. The kit sells for just under $10 at drugstores, and also includes 10 fabric removal strips, and 4 soothing wipes to clean the skin post-waxing. The fabric strips can be rinsed in hot water after use, dried and used again. MUCH better than kits that use wax. The wand should last you for many months, and save you beaucoup bucks in salon charges. Go forth and groom those brows, ladies!

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