Friday, April 10, 2009

Eco-friendly designer fashions coming to Target

You may already have noticed my fondness for Target fashions--who wouldn't love a company that had Isaac Mizrahi designing for it? Mizrahi has, sadly (for those of us on a budget), moved on to bigger and better things at fashion house Liz Claiborne, but Target continues to bring cutting-edge designers to its shoppers at un-designer prices as part of its GO International program.

Next up is Loomstate, the work of designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn, featuring clothes for men and women made entirely of 100 percent certified organic cotton.

If you were to pick up anything from these designers' lines at a boutique, they'd run you hundreds of dollars per piece. At Target, they'll be priced from $14.99 to $44.99, and will feature shirts, shorts, dresses, jackets, themed tees and swimwear. As with the other GO International designers, these will be available for a limited time only. The line debuts in stores on April 19 and will be gone by May 16, so act quickly.

The men's pieces will go nicely with the Converse canvas shoes Target now carries (full time, not a limited run), and the women's with the new Miss Trish of Capri sandals that recently hit the shelves there. Designer pieces at Target prices--ah, the democratization of fashion!


  1. Wow!! It's wonderful collection at Target!! Love those cool & casual dresses and footwear...

  2. Thanks for the info.!! Its really great that Eco-friendly designer fashions coming to Target… I am sooo excited.