Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of my favorite catalog companies you've never heard of: Body Central

Why do I love Body Central? Well, naturally--their prices are amazing and their styles are up-to-the-minute. I received their latest catalog in the mail yesterday, and saw several new additions worth passing along.

I don't even remember how I first discovered them; I think I just ended up on their mailing list somehow a few years ago, and I've been happily shopping them ever since. They're part of the same corporate family as the Body Shop stores you've probably seen in your local mall (the clothing stores, not the bath and body product store that I also love), and they've been around since 1973.

Most of their styles tend toward the fitted and sexy, sometimes a bit too much so for my taste, but those are far outnumbered by the great deals on must-have pieces. This year's biggest trend, the maxi dress, is well represented at Body Central. I like the one pictured here, a steal at $32.50, and oh-so-flattering with that vertical stripe and empire waist. They have several other maxi styles available, all ranging from $24.50 to $32.50.

Another item I have my eye on is the tattoo design tee, very reminiscent of the much more expensive Ed Hardy styles. This one will set you back $9.50 (no, that price isn't a typo). They have a few different styles in the tattoo art tees, too, so you have more than one to choose from.

You'll also find tops and dresses with jewelry-like embellishments, jeans, capris, shorts, and a huge array of tees, tops and summer dresses. Most items in the catalog range from $15 to $30, which won't strain anybody's budget.

They also feature an impressive selection of accessories, from belts and jewelry to handbags and sunglasses (and a slightly smaller selection of shoes), and as with the clothes, you'll find the prices irresistably low.

They feature a "deal of the week," that you can be alerted to via email by signing up here, and their sale prices are, well, even more insanely low than their regular prices.

I've yet to find any coupon codes for Body Central, but their prices are so low and their shipping charges reasonable, so they still rank at the top of my favorite online retailers.


  1. i think i want that dress! thanks for this info

  2. I think I want that dress, too--there's also a BoHo print one that's really cute, but I don't think it'd be as flattering on me as the striped one.