Friday, May 22, 2009

It's time for another episode of get the look for (a LOT) less

As each season turns, InStyle magazine runs a few put-it-all-together pages for an assortment of looks. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to take each of this summer's looks that they present, and put it together for you for much less.

First up: the Urbanite look. InStyle has put together a nice collection of separates and accessories that'll last you through a summer weekend: shorts, a top, a sundress, a bikini, a coverup (which can double as a casual dress or topper over jeans or capris), embellished sandals, a set of 3 bangles, a straw hat and a patent leather bag. Total for all the pieces: $2,242.

That's just a little bit out of my budget; I'm guessing it is for yours, too. But everything on that page is fabulous. Can you get almost identical pieces for much less?

I'm Budget Girl, and that's why I'm here.

First up, the accessories: the straw hat, $10 at Sam Moon. Set of bangles? I'll go you two better with a set of five charm bangles from Sam Moon for $4.95. And the patent handbag? $23.95, also at Sam Moon.

Those white cotton short-shorts are cute, but a bit much at $295. Find almost identical white linen tie-front shorts at Victoria's Secret, on sale for $19.99. The tunic dress (and part-time swim cover)? How about $44.50 at The $315 chiffon blouse? There are at least seven very similar to it at, but I like this one best, at $22.80. Instead of the pricy green silk sundress, Victoria's Secret has this one, very flattering with the ruched front and in a range of summer brights, on sale for $18.99.

And finally, the swimsuit and sandals? Target's swim separates are on sale for $14.99 for each piece, and you have the advantage of choosing not just the color and pattern, but which top and bottom styles look best for your figure. And you'll find a bejeweled sandal very similar to the one in the magazine feature at for $29.50.

So, what's the damage if you go for the budget versions of every piece in that urbanite weekend ensemble, even accessories? $204.66, less than one-tenth the price of the ensemble featured in the magazine. I'll leave you to ponder that (and click away on the budget-priced links), and I'll be back with another look for even less in a few days.


  1. Great post, as always.
    I've never heard the term used for clothing-
    "urbanite". I'm having trouble hitting "post comment" because I can't move this rock I live under...

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