Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want deeply discounted services at top salons? Go here.

It's a brilliant idea, really--work with top salons who, like the rest of us, are hurting a bit in the current economy, and find a way to get them booked up during dead hours if they offer the services at a discount.

I give you Lifebooker.com. It's a relatively new site, and for now covers salons in the New York and Los Angeles areas only, but they expect to expand nationwide very soon.

Here's how it works--you search for salon and spa services online, and you're given available time, the amount of the discount--as much as 50% in most cases, with occasional specials for even bigger discounts--and book your service for the available time, much the way opentable.com works for restaurant reservations.

Lifebooker began its online service about a year and a half ago for salons and spas in New York City, and just added Los Angeles a couple of months ago. You can search by service, price, neighborhood, salon name or appointment time. And if you go back and add a review after your service, you'll earn "Reward Dollars," cash-back credits that you can use on future appointments. They offer everything from standard salon services (for women and men) to waxing to tanning to full-blow spa packages.

If those highlights are looking a little faded or your layers have disappeared, if your eyebrows make you look like Groucho Marx or you just want a massage, you'll find great deals on Lifebooker. For those of you in other cities, keep an eye out for their entry into your market, and I'll update here whenever I see new cities added to the menu.

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