Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little Sunday afternoon closet-shopping

I've had a fashion crush on all things apple-green ever since I picked up the free green straw tote at Ulta with my fragrance purchase a few weeks ago. Problem is, that straw tote is the only thing I own in that color, and I certainly don't have the disposable income at the moment to go on an apple-green shopping spree.

So, after obsessing over my wardrobe possibilities for a few days, I finally had my "aha!" moment. I was officially on the hunt for an apple-green sleeveless top to wear with the black pencil skirt that's one of my wardrobe staples. After flipping through catalogs from Newport News, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew and Chadwicks and coming up empty, I was off to eBay.

A quick search for "sleeveless green" in the sub-category of women's tops, and I found exactly what I was looking for: a new-with-tags apple-green sleeveless silk blouse, with a special free-shipping offer. Nicely, tailored, too. Perfect! So I put in a bid, was outbid this morning, and hovered over the auction like the good little sniper I am, and re-bid this afternoon. I was victorious!

The strappy black gladiator platform sandals I just picked up to go with the black surplice dress I just posted about earlier today will go perfectly with the outfit, and all I need now is a choker-length (or slightly longer) chunky black necklace to complete the outfit. Those sandals, incidentallly, will go with many, many outfits, and will likely be the only pair of high-heeled sandals I buy this spring and summer.

My cost for the blouse was $20.50 after re-bidding--still a great deal for a brand new designer silk shell--and not counting whatever jewelry I find to go with (which will probably come from Sam Moon and cost no more than $10-$15), that was my total (new) cash outlay for the outfit. This is an excellent example of how and why to have a foundation of certain key pieces in your wardrobe, and how to work with them to get an almost infinite number of looks. A pencil skirt is especially flexible, and works for an enormous variety of looks--this one will be bright, spring-y and trendy, but it'll go back just as easily to classic cool-weather looks for work this fall and winter.

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  1. I love that shirt and that's the bag i have as well but i'm so sad, those awesome shoes are not available in my size, waaaaaa!