Monday, May 18, 2009

Great summer-weight cardigan on sale at J. Crew

I'm a die-hard sweater girl, so I'm always reluctant to put away the heavier knits when warmer weather arrives. I'd always rather wear a cardigan than a blazer on any given day (unless formality and business situations dictate otherwise), and if I stumble upon a warm-weather alternative to my beloved sweaters, then I'm a happy girl.

And this makes me very happy.

J. Crew has a lightweight jersey cardigan that'll double for everything its heavier cousins do, but without overheating you. It comes in a range of eight different colors, and normally sells for $49.50, which is pretty reasonable, but it's just gone on sale for $39.50.

That puts it right into the "rush out and buy that puppy NOW" category for me. I'm picking a couple up, probably one in a neutral or black, and the other in that gorgeous coral. J. Crew rarely offers coupon codes, so you just have to wait for markdowns to get good deals. This is one of those good deals.

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