Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update: Remember those bargain-priced eyeglasses?

You may recall I wrote about Zenni Optical and their you-must-be-kidding prices on prescription eyeglasses awhile back. A couple of you have asked how I liked them, so here's my review.

Well, after three and a half weeks, my order finally arrived. First, let me grouse a little about how long it took to receive them. Their FAQ section estimates a 2-week wait to receive your order, and mine took substantially longer than that. I called and spoke to their customer service department about the delay, and they said they've been swamped with orders the last few months. It seems many, many of us shopping on a budget have found Zenni--their sales have almost tripled in the last five months, and they're almost overwhelmed with business. While it's nice to see somebody doing well in this recession, I was less than thrilled with the delivery time. I'm a want-it-now kind of gal, so if it's going to take 3.5 weeks, then please tell me it's going to take 3.5 weeks so that I can adjust my expectations accordingly.

To their credit, however, they were very responsive in keeping me updated with delivery estimates and tracking information, so they do pay attention to their customers. The rep I spoke with said that in light of the huge rush of business, they may amend their FAQ section to give a more realistic expected delivery time.

Given their amazing prices, that's really a minor complaint. So, now that I have them, what do I think? LOVE them. The prescription was perfect (no errors), the frames fit, and were exactly as pictured on the website. I'll probably order a few more pair, just because the idea of $20 for a complete pair of glasses is irresistable, and just because their frame styles are so much fun. Definitely give Zenni a try if you're looking to save some serious cash on your eyeglasses, but do be prepared to wait a few weeks to get them. Unless you're in the midst of some kind of eyewear emergency, it's absolutely worth it.

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