Monday, May 25, 2009

Have you recession-proofed your skincare routine?

As people begin cutting back on non-essentials to survive the recession, some of the first things to go are high-ticket non-essentials, and for a lot of us that includes the skincare products we all love so much. The to-die-for facial cream or super-moisturizing masque might be much-loved, but when it comes to wondering if you'll have enough extra cash to buy groceries, plunking down $50 or $75 or more for a tiny jar of cream suddenly seems the height of folly.

The June issue of Marie Claire magazine features a cover story on "budget" skincare; their grand total for recommended budget products for a woman in her 30s is $278.21. That's for enough product to last you about six weeks.

I'm not sure the editors of the magazine truly understand what "recession-proof skincare" means for those of us struggling through the bad economy, because $278.21 so entirely exceeds my budget that the magazine's total is just laughable. What chagrins me most about articles like this, however, is knowing that women out there will read it, see the outrageous "budget" price tag, and resign themselves to abandoning their skincare routine because they think good products are still beyond their fiscal reach.

But just because the magazine editors don't get it, and just because you've had to cut back, do not resign yourself to abandoning your skincare regimen.

I've previously shared my recipe for homemade makeup remover, and raved about my favorite inexpensive skincare line, Boots No. 7. Those are a good start. I'll write about other bargain products in the future, and I'm on the hunt for more skincare recipes that'll put you in league with the most prestigious spas, many of whom make their fabulous creams, scrubs and masques from items you'll find in your own pantry.

Don't forget, however, that there's more you can do to care for your skin from the inside out--and these reminders are important no matter what the condition of the economy.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydrated skin will make fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent.
  • Get plenty of sleep. It'll reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.
  • Eat a few servings a week of cold-water fish like salmon. The Omega-3 oils in the fish are vital for skin to renew itself (plus, it's good for your heart). If you're concerned about mercury levels in farm-raised salmon, then check the freezer case at the supermarket for wild-caught Alaskan salmon--it'll probably be cheaper than you think, too.
  • Always cleanse your face before bedtime, even if you just use a quick option such as a makeup remover wipe. The dirt and grime that accumulate over the course of a day can clog pores and cause breakouts.
  • Always wear sunscreen, and make sure your foundation contains a sunscreen. I use mineral makeup, which has a 15 SPF sunscreen, and has protected me against many unexpected extended sun sessions--walks at the farmers' market, etc. carries a mineral line with a $5 mineral foundation--and it contains a 15 SPF sunscreen. That should fit into anyone's budget.
As long as times are tough, daily budget struggles take a toll on the psyche, and neglecting your skincare regimen will only make it worse. Remember to take care of yourself, inside and out--and be aware that there are very, very inexpensive options out there that'll allow you to maintain a soul-boosting personal care routine. You'll feel better, and your skin will thank you.


  1. I do all those things! I wear mineral makeup too..
    What I like to do also, is score on some overstock items from the D.S. (must I say it? "Dollar Store") and use that skincare item on my neck- while the more pricey skin care I use on my face- uh, not from the D.S.
    Now won't it be funny in the nursing home when my face still looks great and I'm having to roll up my wrinkled 'ole neck from dragging the floor and getting stuck in my walker wheels?

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