Thursday, May 14, 2009

Embrace your inner geek.

I am an unrepentant gadget freak. If it's a tech gadget--or, really, any kind of gadget with a definite "neato" factor--I'm all about that.

But gadgets can be expensive. Naturally, I've looked around for killer deals on tech devices in the same way I have an eagle-eye for fashion deals. And there are some really, really great deals out there. One weekly email I always look forward to is from, with their LONG list of weekly deals. Their specials every week range from hardcore computer equipment (USB hubs, external hard drives, etc.) to things such as watches or LCD frames or digital cameras. It's a veritable pot pourri of gadgety goodness, and their prices are just about impossible to beat.

One of this week's deals is for the GE designer photophone, pictured here. So, that's cool, right? Cordless phone and LCD photo frame in one. But it's better than that. Link photos to phone numbers, and it acts as a visual caller ID. Say you're elbows deep into dinner prep, the phone rings, and you have to make the decision whether it's worth dashing across the room dripping food all over the floor. No problem! Just cast a glance at the photophone, and see if mom's pic has popped up on the screen, or if it's some nameless bozo trying to sell you an extended car warranty (you're getting those annoying robocalls, too, aren't you?). And it has other nifty gadgety functions besides that one. This week, the photophone is a whopping 69 percent off, just $39.99. Oh, and shipping's free, too. I love that.

The weekly deals are a great starting point to do father's day shopping, too--I know, you're feeling pleased with yourself for remembering mother's day, but don't forget about dad! How about a handsome, almost $500 stainless steel watch? Weekly deal has this Invicta men's watch for $89, discounted from $495. And free shipping.

And is much more than gadgets (though I do love those gadgets). They offer deep discounts on books, and you'll also find such non-gadget items including fragrances and jewelry, so check over there frequently, as you never know what kind of crazy deal they'll offer on any of those things. If you sign up for their email list, they won't bombard you--you'll get an utterly reasonable single email a week with details on all of their weekly specials. Those car warranty telemarketers could learn a valuable lesson from's example. So, go sign up, and embrace your inner geek.

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