Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hi! You found my new blog. I thought I’d better set out a quick summary of what I intend to do here, so everyone knows what to expect, and, hopefully, what to look forward to.

In my eternal attempt to keep up with trends and present a sharp professional image at work (not to mention my affection for all things sparkly and pretty), I’ve developed keen bargain-hunting skills with an eye towards style. Thanks in part to career choices that allowed me to follow my heart, but left me with a tiny bank account—newspaper reporter, college instructor, litigation assistant—I’ve never found myself with a big budget for clothes, accessories, and other fun things like spa treatments and various spendy accoutrements for entertaining. Did I let that stop me? Of course not. I knew there had to be a way to get the things I desired without bankrupting myself. And so there is! And that’s what I’m here to share.

I’ve learned that it’s surprisingly easy to replicate designer outfits, pamper yourself, furnish your home, and entertain if you know where to look, as well as when and how to find the best bargains. The emphasis here will not be on one-of-a-kind things you can find at thrift shops or garage sales, because they don’t really help you. You can look, and go “gee, that’s neat,” but where can you get the same thing? Vintage shops are great, and useful for some things, but I’m going to show you where to shop and find brand new, modestly priced things that almost anybody can find no matter where they are. My favorite places are discount stores like Target and Kohl’s, online retailers and eBay. You may be astonished, in fact, at what you can find on eBay.

See an outfit in that latest issue of Vogue that’s to die for, but that you just don’t have an extra $800 to rush out and buy? I’ll show you how to seek out near-identical pieces so you can have that ensemble for a song; my usual goal is to replicate any look for under $100, including shoes and accessories when possible. I’ll include photos and links and all other relevant information so that you can replicate these, too, if you so desire.

Do you love pedicures and the occasional massage? I’ll keep tabs on spa specials and bargains out there, because we all deserve to pamper ourselves once in awhile. Do you love quality cosmetics for a polished look at work or a night out, but don’t have $250 to drop at the MAC counter? I’ll show you some outstanding bargains you’ll love.

I’ll be on the lookout for sales and specials from both brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers, and pass those along weekly. I’ll spotlight ensembles—both work and casual—from current fashion magazines, and track down the pieces to show you how to assemble that look for a fraction of the price. And I won’t just show you the pieces and say “go get ‘em,” I’ll show you the hunting techniques so you’ll learn how to find these bargains on your own, too. And if any of you have any feedback, suggestions or requests—I want to hear from you! Drop me an email at, and we’ll go hunting together.

Welcome, and enjoy!

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