Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Like free music? Me, too!

I love a good freebie, especially when the freebie can be uploaded to my beloved iPod. There are two ways to get new (free) downloads every week. One is to go to the iTunes store, and check the "Free on iTunes" section every week, where you'll be able to download 3-4 free songs of iTune's choosing. Hey, don't look a gift iTune in the mouth; it's free, after all. Download them, give them a listen, and you might discover artists you weren't aware of before. I created a "Freebie Mix" playlist on my iPod, so I have an easy way to navigate to the downloads and try them out.

The other way to get iTunes swag is to step inside your local Starbucks each week and pick up one of the cards pictured here. They put a new one out each Tuesday, and there's a download code on the back of the card. Just click "Redeem" on the main page of the iTunes store, and follow the directions for entering the code. The Starbucks choices are usually pretty good; I've gotten freebies from Dido, Brandi Carlile, Amy McDonald and Paul Weller, for example. The code is good for a few weeks, so if you forget one in your wallet for a few days, you don't necessarily have to toss it.

You don't have to buy anything--the card rack will be in plain view on one of the counters. Just grab and go (if you can resist the lure of the latte, that is).

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