Monday, June 1, 2009

Soap & Glory--glory, hallelujah!

You may recall my fondness for the fabulous Bliss Spa house brand line of bath and body products, especially the extra-extra-wonderful Hot Body Scrub.

Now, you know how much I love it when a high-end line of apparel, accessories or body care products launches a masstige line of products, an egalitarian shout-out to those of us on a budget.
You may even have seen the candy-pink packaging and quirky product names such as Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss or the Catch a Wrinkle in Time day moisturizer.
But did you know the fun and fabulous Soap & Glory line of products (carried by fave budget retailer Target) was created by wondergrrl and Bliss Spa founder Marcia Kilgore? Yeah, you just know it's gotta be good!
Most of the products fall within an $8-$15 range, and you'll find everything from body scrubs to moisturizers to anti-aging skincare products. The real star of the line, in my opinion, is The Righteous Butter, an ultra-moisturizing body butter loaded with aloe and shea butter, and going for $14.99 for a 10.1 oz. jar.
You'll also find several gift and travel sets of the Soap & Glory products, so you can grab a basketful of try-me sizes to decide which ones you really love before going all-in for the full-size products.

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